Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Love Letter

As some of you know, I am taking a course through the Pathway program which is in partnership with BYU-I. The class that I am currently taking is an English class which requires certain writing assignments. So I thought I'd post them here too. My first assignment was to write a love letter to something. Here's mine:
A Love Letter to My Happy Place
            When first I met you I was very young and your kind welcoming exterior pulled me in. Little did I know then how much I would depend upon you throughout my life. I love how you have supported me in every aspect of my life. Your face has changed over the years, but the serenity you provide has never dimmed.
             I love to wander down your familiar halls in search of a great new find. What will it be: non-fiction, a novel, a mystery, an old favorite or a new acquaintance? I love the smell of the pages as I peruse the well-worn shelves. There is the scent of glue and a slight mustiness of old tomes long forgotten. So many hidden gems lying like diamonds in the rough just waiting to be discovered.
            I love the comfort that you provide on rainy days when the storm outside sets a metered rhythm against your windowpanes. Countless drizzly hours were spent in your warm embrace.  How sumptuous to be able to curl up with a good book and let the world fade away. You have always given me more than I could have hoped for; like how you accommodate my growing family. My children love to play in your rooms and are entertained by the fun activities that you supply. From princess parties to animal exhibits you consistently surprise us with new knowledge that leaves us yearning for more.
            I love how you shun no one, all are welcome to enjoy the beauty and find solace in your loving embrace. There is space here for learning, growing, and stretching the imagination to new unthought-of heights. There is entertainment and enlightenment. There is permission to find unfettered joy in whatever brings you joy. 

             I must thank you, Public Library, for being my happy place. You have helped me to better myself. You made me realize that each voice is special and deserves to be heard. Thank you for taking care of those voices from every era. I will always love you!

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