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Christmas Traditions

From 2011-12-08 Tree trimmingHere is Charles helping us get into the Christmas spirit! We trimmed the tree together. Then we took a candle light tour of the historic Fort Steilcoom. It was so fun, like we were guests of the Ghost of Christmas Past. The girls really enjoyed the dancing:
From 2011-12-11 Ft. Stilicum candle light tourI really enjoyed hearing the musicians outside. They let us play the Jaw bone.
From 2011-12-11 Ft. Stilicum candle light tourIt was really quite magical. Next Charly helped us get into the Christmas Mood by Singing at the Seattle Center Winterfest. We had fun riding the ferry and listing to the schools perform. Charly did a wonderful job!
From 2011-12-14 Charly's concertEvery year the Seattle Center sets up a miniature train. Lizzy even got to be a guest conductor!
From 2011-12-14 Charly's concert Lizzy go to be an Angel in the primary "Picture a Christmas" program. She was so excited!
From 2011-12-16 tward partyUnfortunately she was in the v…

The Birth of Sean Jackson

It was a dark and stormy night.... OK, it was an overcast afternoon when Jessica got the call to come into the hospital. Her baby was already 9 days late and she was ready to hold him. She asked me to go as her coach and I was happy to oblige. Luckily Daniel was able to stay home with the kids. Here is the before shot:
From 2011-12-02 Sean Jackson's birthNot bad huh? I never look that pregnant. I never really look pregnant, but enough about me... Anyway we were finally admitted to the Bremerton Naval Hospital around 2. I had dutifully packed my snacks and things since this hospital really doesn't have a cafeteria. They put us in a room and we waited for a while. Then a corp man came and hooked Jessica up to an IV and we waited. And waited. The Dr. came in and asked how she was doing and told her she had already had her trauma 10 lbs. baby today so Jessica could not have one as well. Then she said that she was going home for dinner and that she'd be back later. Here she is w…

Holiday Events

I have been a little lax in my blogging lately so I have a lot to make up for. First let me tell you about Thanksgiving! Traditionally thanksgiving is a nice slow day with dinner around 1PM and lots of family. We don't usually watch football unless my Uncle Harris is visiting, but Dad felt like watching the game and Lizzy sat with him. They were so animated! Lizzy dutifully repeating Papa's words. I took a video because it was so funny:
From 2011-11-24 ThanksgivingThe dinner was wonderful and the company most welcome. Quite an enjoyable day. The festivities continued with our early celebration of Caitlin's birthday. She of course wanted pumpkin pie instead of cake.
From 2011-11-26 Caitlin's BirthdayThis was our fourth pumpkin pie event in November. Once is never enough! Sal dressed up for the occasion:
From 2011-11-26 Caitlin's BirthdayIsn't that something? This was his work attire. Pretty spiffy Sal! And finally we went to the Bremerton Stake's Creches and …