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Last Days

Since we will be moving in 4 days, I wanted to catch the few last things to do here that we have not yet attempted. So yesterday we set out for the Science Center. It was a beautiful day. We got a great parking spot and went in through the planetarium.
From 2011-08-09 SCience Center zoo I had been to the Science Center once before, but never to this side. It had lots of fun, vintage space toys. I especially loved the Leave it to Beaver space game:  nice huh? I like the pickle jar over his head.  We saw how fast the cars were going and learned about all kinds of birds. I really enjoyed playing the laser harp. It was so easy. No strings!
From 2011-08-09 SCience Center zoo In one of the rooms the chairs are like something out of Dr. Seuss. Watching Lizzy attempt to get up on them was quite amusing. I think she liked them. After the Science Center, we went to the Zoo so I could pet the stingrays.
From 2011-08-09 SCience Center zoo They were slimy but friendly. My friend calls them the "…

So Long Frank Lloyd Wright....

Daniel and I were able to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright House here in Kirkwood. I enjoyed searching for all the parallelograms in the house. So many angles! Even the furniture. Like so many of his houses, Mr. Wright designed the furniture and lights. You can buy a replica lamp for a measly $1,000.