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Fabulous Forth

From 2012-06-15 Portal Party Lizzy 's 4th bday Recently my little girl turned 4. Let me tell you how her week went... First she had to go to the dentist to have her tooth extracted. The day was fine, we went early so Lizzy could drink the magical juice to help her relax during the procedure. She drank it down like a champ. The nurse was impressed. Most kids gag. Then we let her play with a leap pad that they had. I really like our pediatric dentist office. It's called Adventure Dental and they are ready for kids, they play kids movies in the tiki reception room and have game stations for the older kids and quite a few leap pads with games that teach you good oral health. I was glad because I had my charge with me again and she was not sad at all this time. Yay! Anyway so the Dentist had warned me that a loss of bowel control was highly likely and to be prepared. So I put Lizzy in a pull up and thought that would be fine. It wasn't. She filled the pull up and continued onto…

Farm life

On Saturday we decided to visit the Pomeroy Living History farm. They were having a steam logging demonstration and we were itching to go. The farm is run by the decedents of the Pomeroy family. We got to talk to them about the history of the area. It was great fun. Lizzy really liked the wash board!
From 2012-06-11 Pomeroy Farm  She kept going back to wash more. Once inside the house the theme was "Cradle to Grave" So in the master bed room was the wedding dresses of most of the Pomeroy Women who have lived on the farm including a great great granddaughter who was married at the farm a few years ago.  Mrs. Pomeroy could still fit into her wedding dress in the 1950s before she died. You can't really see the picture on the wall, but that is her. Women traditionally wore black wedding dresses until Queen Victoria wore a white dress to her wedding.
From 2012-06-11 Pomeroy Farm The coat and hat were so she could wear the dress to other functions. On the table is her hope chest…

Visiting Vancouver

My parents came down for a few days and we toured Portland. I love Portland, the bridges, the light rail, the people! It's fun to visit. First we took in the art of Chinese gardens at the Lan Su Chinese Garden.
From 2012-05-19 Portland  They had some guests who were teaching about the Chinese dragon races. It commemorates the death of a servant of the king who tried to save the kingdom, but instead was banished and upon hearing of the loss of the kingdom and the king's death he drowns himself. Here's what the dragon boats look like.    They race on the Columbia River on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calender. The women of the racing team had a drum that they let Charles and Lizzy play!
From 2012-05-19 Portland we saw a strange art car outside the gardens:
From 2012-05-19 Portland  Then we went on the Areal Tram to get a good view of Portland.  It was a great day!