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Pumpkin Carving

We came home from Pomeroy armed with four pumpkins. Emily was given one free because it was her first visit to the farm. As part of our family home evening yesterday, we carved them up. The kids drew the faces and Daniel and I helped them carve them. It was messy fun.

Happy Halloween!

Pomeroy Farms

Following tradition we took the kiddos to Pomeroy Farms pumpkin patch. I love supporting a family run business; they seek to remind the present of the past, by highlighting their own family's history.  I love that.  This year they added a fun hay maze that the kids loved.

Mourning a Friend

I lost a great friend this week. My emotions have been so raw lately that I have not been able to express my feelings. I have known Michelle for the past fifteen years and just visited with her at a friend’s baby shower last month. She is an amazing person who’s smile brightened the whole room. She was always ready with a quick laugh, hug or kind word. I think that is the most beautiful thing about Michelle, she always thought the best of everyone. I never heard an unkind word from her.  A talented musician and photographer, she made people happy just to be around her. She had her share of trials and endured the loss of her first husband with grace and faith. Her faith in eternal families never faltered. There are many lovely tributes to this great person, here is her obituary There is also a gofundme set up for her family. I will miss her more than I can say. Till we meet again my friend, Thank you for the memories.

Berries and Thorns

Recently I had two experiences with blackberries that got me thinking. The first event was unexpected, I was watering the thirsty flowers around my trees, when I was suddenly caught up in a tangle of blackberry canes. Since I had not planned to encounter blackberries, I was not prepared for the consequences. I was wearing shorts that left my legs exposed past the knee, and flip-flops, which offer minimal protection at the very least. The canes did their very best to ensnare me and in my rush to flee from their thorny embrace, my legs were badly scratched and began bleeding. I hobbled inside to address the damage. Both of my legs had 3 in. long scratches, deep enough to bleed for several minutes and left me hurt for days afterwards. I could not wear pants because the fabric would rub the newly formed scabs and rip them off. It was a painful reminder that danger was lurking in my seemingly benign back yard.
  The second event was when I was preparing a dessert for our sister missiona…