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Breakfast at the Bartholomews

So we decided on waffles and since we had whipping cream and strawberries on hand, to add them to the list. Not bad, not bad, but wait! What about some Bacon? I just need to thaw some out and cook it up. Yes, oh wait... Hmm "Daniel, want to whip the cream?" this innocent sounding request was actually quite sinister since all the equipment was in the dish washer. So Daniel bravely starts to whip by hand. Soon thereafter he muses how anyone ever had the patients to do this by hand in the first place. I pull out the mixing bowl and whip and clean them off. We dump the cream in and put it on HIGH! Come on kitchen aid, do your thing!
Well soon I am dodging flying debris and run for the mixer...yes folks we have BUTTER! Ok well, fresh butter is good on waffles. Let’s try this again shall we... I take the new butter out and lament the fact that I could have used the butter milk in the waffles had I only known! Alas. I re-clean the mixer and start afresh. This time I check it more…


We had an exciting couple of days leading up to Easter. The kids and I returned to St. Louis just before the tornado hit. We got to witness the torrential rains from the safety of our own rooms. Huzzah! The following morning we were informed that the church was out of power as were half the ward. Many had trees where their sunroofs had been. So the Easter egg hunt was canceled. No problem, we needed to relax anyway. So we went to the store where we were informed that the airport closed down yesterday due to the storm. We were almost diverted to Kansas City! The bagger and I both hoped that church would not be cancelled. I mean What is Easter without church? Later Lizzy colored some eggs. We watched a movie and called it a day. 
 Then Easter was upon us! I can't say the clouds parted or anything, but the rain had let up. We had a wonderful service and the kids got a ton of candy from the Primary. Then the rain began as we exited the building to go home. We had a very chill afterno…