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Emily Turns Two

Bring on the terrible twos! Kidding, kidding. Emily turned 2 on the 6th and we were camping so we didn't do too much that day. When we got back we had cake and the kids kept wrapping up toys in blankets for her to open. It was fun. Emily loved the attention and the cake. Happy Birthday Emily!

The Bartholomews Brave Nature

Back in January we decided to plan a few camping trips. We had not been camping all together since I was pregnant with Charles, so it was high time to plan a trip. We checked our options and decided to visit the Pinchot National forest. A while back I read a book about Gifford Pinchot and his contributions to the national forests and thought it would be fun to see his legacy. We chose Moss Creek and reserved a prime spot.
 Fast forward to July, Daniel and I got very excited to try out some dutch oven recipes that we had been saving on pintrest. We checked our gear and tricked out the big van for an amazing get-a-way, or so we thought. While I love camping, I was now nearly 8 months pregnant and the thought of sleeping outside was appearing less and less desirable. Call me a wimp, but sleeping in my bed is hard right now. Anyway I decided to go a head and I am glad I did. Of course the kids were excited, they had been asking when we could go for 2 weeks solid! So when we finally head…