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Busy Bees

In case you were wondering, here's the story of our bees: We had wanted to have hives for a little while now. Daniel went to all the classes offered locally. We read up on beekeeping and finally purchased the accouterments for 2 hives. The magic day arrived and I, wanting to document this momentous occasion, stood back camera at the ready. Daniel set up the hives and began opening the boxes that the bees were shipped in.

He couldn't get the smoker to work so he just went ahead and transferred the panels of bees. Here's one of the boxes the bees came in:

Here's our empty hive.

 At this point I stopped taking pictures since one of the bees decided to investigate my hair and that was quite distracting! When it stung me I abandoned all decorum and ran for the hose. After a good soaking I went inside to find an ice pack for my throbbing head. Poor Daniel just helplessly looked on as I scrambled around quite frantic. When he finished transferring the last of the bees he came…