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All Fall Down

As Lizzy and I were watching a movie she was also bouncing on the bed. This is quite typical in our house, so I didn't think much about it. Suddenly I noticed that the bouncing was BIGGER. I looked at her and she was using my massage table(which serves as a head board when it's folded up) as a launching pad for her new exploits. I quickly told her to get down and not to use my table like that. She just as quickly pointed at the television and said, "Watch Vie" Which means, watch the movie Mom don't watch me. Ha! Like I was going to fall for that one. She was quite insistent for a few minutes until she realized that not listening to me was going to get her in time out, at which point she relented. I just had to laugh at her audacity though. She is so my daughter.


This past weekend we drove up to Nauvoo IL. For the Nauvoo Pageant. Never try to eat QFC chicken on the road. What a mess! Lizzy got the corn everywhere.From 2010-07-11 Nauvoo
We met up with Denise and Jason and their boys, who graciously saved a camping spot for us. We set up camp and then drove over to the Pageant. It was a nice evening and we had good seats. The cast moves around the audience a bit so we got to see them up close. My favorite part was the instant temple.From 2010-07-11 Nauvoo Who knew it was so easy? After pageant we went back to camp and Lizzy experienced her first night in a tent. It took her a long time to adapt. I mean, there are BUGS there! She has a great fear of bugs. She fell asleep finally looking at the stars. It was a fine night, we left all the windows open and didn't put on the rain fly, because it was warm up until about 4 AM. Saturday morning, Denise and Jason kindly watched Lizzy so Daniel and I could go to the temple. We squeezed into the 8 AM se…


From 2010-07-01 Transportation Museum
We took a trip out to the transportation museum in St. Louis. It was fun seeing all the trains and old cars. One train is a snow blower!From 2010-07-01 Transportation Museum There were a lot of amazing things there. One steam powered car from the early 1900s.From 2010-07-01 Transportation Museum
And a schoolbus that had been converted to a train!From 2010-07-01 Transportation MuseumIt was a fun day. More pics here:

Fly Catcher

We sent Lizzy on a fly hunt. She was terrified the whole time, but it was pretty funny to watch.
From 2010-07-01 Transportation Museum