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First Things First

O K, I know that I promised to regale you with the rest of our journey to the East, but I have been thinking a lot lately about faith. So I am going to interject here for a moment. I was watching my son get up on a chair to eat at the table and after he had enjoyed his meal he looked around and realized that if he wanted to play he had to get down. Even though he had spent quite a bit of energy climbing up to his vantage point, and he had enjoyed his time there, he was ready to continue his day by getting down and playing. His current situation provided little in the way of future enjoyment as it was a limited area. So his vantage told him that to run, jump, summer salt and play with toys he had to descend. So he began, He reached past the middle rung of the chair and not detecting the floor, froze. Clinging to the chair. Fear of falling and possibly hurting himself froze him in the awkward position of hanging to the side of a kitchen chair, legs desperately searching for purchase.