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What's up with that?

So I don't know what is wrong with all my slideshows. Sorry, I hope to have it fixed soon. Bear with me!


We went Convention Crazy this month. On Labor day we attended Kumoricon really to see the Tip toe Through the Tardis panel. It was not at all what I expected. Mostly they just called up all the cosplayers to share. Don't get me wrong 3/4 of the reason I wanted to go was for the cosplayers, but I was hoping for a more whovian event. Alas. I think the origional song that was preformed was the best part. Then we strolled the park and took pics. I met Miss. Frizzle
From KamoriCon and Suki from Avatar the last air bender.
From KamoriCon That was fun.
Here's the link to my other pictures.  Then we went to our first Comic-con Rose City Comic Con. It was so fun. We took the kids and they had a blast identifying the cosplayers. The kids section was LAME, but the thai bowls were excellent. We had a great time and I took lots of pictures. My favorite was the cosplayers from the movie 9:
From Rose City Comic-con And this super cute couple
From Rose City Comic-con And here's the link for t…

Photo Dump

So I have been way negligent on keeping up the blog. Ack! So "Let me explain. (Beat) No, there is too much. Let me sum up." Bonus points if you get the reference!  While we were on our way home, Devon joined the crawlers club and quickly advanced to cruiser. As of last week he is officially a free stander and I await his debut as a walker any minute now. 
From AugFrom Aug Lizzy was stricken with a urinary tract infection which left her bed bound with a fever for 3 days.It was scary and exhausting for all of us. At the Doctors she was asked to give a urine sample. The collection "hat" scared her to death. She wouldn't go. For hours she wouldn't go I finally took it home to bring in a sample thinking that she would be more comfortable at home. She was just so scared that she wouldn't even try.  I felt pretty helpless pleading with my 5 year old to pee.  Finally she said that she had to go. It had been 6 hours. She yelled from the bathroom, "I did it!&…

Regale --Away

Any hoo, hello! I have had some amazing events transpire lately which have now left me time to catch up on my long awaited blogging. Whew! Who's excited? This Girl! So on with the Show!
As I said before, (you may recall, or not that's cool too)  We left our house in search of easterner clime. We drove through the night to get to my brother's house in UT. I had had the brilliant idea of driving through the night~ Ha! Both boys threw up on me, Devon did twice. They had a continuous crying fest.(I'm louder then you, oh yea, listen to this!) then Daniel spilled root bear on my head. Not a good idea. Don't do it! So we made it to Sal's and crashed. Then we went to church. Afterward Charles took off and Daniel went to find him, but some neighbor had called the cops and it was all quite embarrassing, but amusing. We celebrated my niece's birthday and had a great time. Next we stopped in Limon for the night:

Aren't they cute? Then headed out for Kansas. It was …