Friday, February 12, 2010

Shen Yen

Daniel was so sweet, he took me out to see Shen Yen a Chinese dance company based out of New York. Some time ago we saw a promotional video in Global Food's and thought it looked neat. unbeknownst to me, Daniel got tickets for yesterday's performance. We got all dressed up and Lizzy really wanted to go with us, but she did great for the babysitter. The performance itself was a bit disappointing, there was a lot of propaganda about communist China in it. The traditional dances were fun and the costumes were amazing. I think the BYU dancers have them beat hands down, but it was a fun evening. Happy Valentines Day!

Summer Shenanagans

Our summer has been pretty relaxed this year. We had a few surprises, Charles broken arm, Grandma June's funeral to name a few, but over...