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Sword and Shield

I just thought Charles looked like a knight ready to do some damage and had to document it. Also this shows my crazy trimming job on poor Lizzy ;)

Next we have Charles showing off his amazing self sitting skills and Lizzy just plain showing off. Enjoy:

The Florissant Flower Festival

This is the big shindig for Florissant. We went last year and came back to witness the festival. Also there was this awesome Mexican Bakery that came up last year and I have been craving their pastries since. Speaking of food, here is Lizzy holding our Potato Tornado. It looks better then it was, but it was so fun to watch them make it! The booth was run by four elderly gentlemen who were an absolute riot!

From 2011-05-07 Florissant flower fest

 We listened to some fine music and a ventriloquist who amazed me by simultaneously clucking his tongue and humming. It was crazy. There was an awesome band/tap dancing group that was amazing. Lizzy made a sand necklace, pained a snake, colored a penguin, made a flower and got her face painted. She was tuckered out by the end of the day. I was expecting to see some friends in the parade, but they didn't come. Alas. The floats were cute. And yes the bakery was there. Hooray! 

National Garden Day

On the 6th of May was National Garden day and in honor of that great occasion we went to the Missouri  Botanical Garden. I had been wanting to go for some time and this just seemed to perfect to pass up. I had no idea how large the garden actually is. It is divided up into smaller gardens each with some sort of water feature and a piece of Chihuly blown glass. I recognized his work right away and declared to Lizzy, "Look there's a Chihuly!" to which I got a few odd looks. I guess he is not so well known or maybe I just sounded odd. Who knows. Anyway, We had a wonderful time looking at all the plants and fountains. We had a lovely lunch at a tiny cafe in one of the gardens, but sadly we had to leave after 2 hours and there was so much more to see. We will have to go back. They had a lot of "tree houses" on display. Lizzy liked exploring in them. Henry Shaw, who started the garden and donated the land to the state, has a house sti…

Out and About

As Daniel is working nights now I find myself in the unique position of both having the car all day and needing to be out all day. Hmm, whats a girl to do? Well I have been dragging the kids to all the ST. Louis destinations I have wanted to visit and have thus far not seen. First we stopped off at the Jewel Box. Conveniently free on Mondays. It is a grand garden inside a Jewel boxed shaped green house. I did not expect the fountains in the middle though. It was quite beautiful, then we had lunch at the famous Crown Candy Kitchen. A St. Louis tradition since 1913. It is a fourth gen family run outfit that sells home made ice cream sundaes the same way they sold them at the 1904 worlds fair. The food was good and the ice cream HUGE. Then as we headed back home we past the Bellefontaine Cemetery. Established in 1849 there are many notables buried here, including St. Louis’ notable residents such as William Clark, James…

Where the Wild Things Are

By now you know of my love for the zoo. We go quite a bit, but this time Lizzy got to pet a stingray and see sharks! YAHOO! Also it was the last time my friend and zoo going buddy Karina could go. They are moving to Texas on the 13. Boo. Any way, From 2011-04-30 zoohere we are enjoying the Zoo! Lizzy got a little Puma at the build a bear station in the zoo.

The Great Graduation

My little brother graduated on the 9th of April so in honor of that great occasion I packed up the kids and away we went! Ahh I love a good adventure (which is good since I tend to run into them a lot. As if being a Mom of two wasn't adventure enough!) So Daniel dropped us off at the airport and we started our journey. I'll not bore you with the details, needless to say it was adventurous. I was so glad to be back in good old WA. It was a relief to see Mom. We made quite an exit with all our gear.
From 2011-04-22 Sal's graduationAfter a little sleep we caught the ferry and headed East. Due to an avalanche we had to turn around and go South. We arrived in Pendleton around 11pm. We slept and headed East again. We stopped in Eagle to see Grandma, Uncle Matt and Uncle Duwayne's family. It was a nice visit. I'm so glad that Charles got to meet everyone. Then on to Idaho Falls. Tabitha and her family were already there. The next day we went to see Sal and Caitlin. We had …