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Hannibal, Mo

I have wanted to visit Hannibal since we moved here, but never seemed to get around to it. Well on the 4th of July we went for it. It is about two hours north of us, so not too bad a drive. Daniel was working that night so we left him sleeping and went north. There were two things on my agenda, although there are a few more things to do and see there. I wanted to see the Molly Brown house and the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. We stopped at a visitor center just outside of Hannibal and got a booklet of coupons. Then we went to the Molly Brown Home. Turns out her real name is Margret and she went by Maggie her whole life. Hollywood changed it after her death. (Apparently Molly is easier to sing then Maggie.)  Also not only did she survive the Titanic, but 2 other boat crashes and a fire! I'm not sure if she was lucky or cursed. She was very intelligent and learned several languages most of which she spoke fluently. This aided her on the Titanic where she was able to interpret …

Palmyra, NY

We were blessed to be able to go to Palmyra for the pageant, but for our first stop we went to Chicago! I have wanted to go there forever. I love the architecture. So Daniel let me plan that leg of our trip. We arrived at the:
From 2011-07-10 Palmyra A quaint B&B outside of Chicago. The owner played the piano for us during breakfast! She was super sweet. We had the upstairs room. It was cute. Then after we had unpacked for the night we set off once again for: Medieval Times!
From 2011-07-10 PalmyraWe enjoyed dinner and the show.
From 2011-07-10 PalmyraCharles had a hard time with the noise, but Lizzy had a blast cheering and booing. She was so excited. In the morning we went to Chicago and after the GPS went haywire, we finally got on track and made it to the down town. I was so excited I was practically jumping. We stopped in the Library first which had a visitor center and picked up a few brochures. Then we headed out. We walked down to Wacker Dr. and I got a pin at the Hard Rock…

Wild Things

Last week my friend Elizabeth invited us over for an animal party. I was excited and asked Lizzy what animal she wanted to be. She said a spider, but later changed that to a sheep. OK I think I can manage that. So I break out the hot glue gun and cotton balls. This outfit will be epic! I get to gluing and Lizzy starts out by handing me the cotton balls. Then she hides them, next she starts throwing them like snowballs all the while yelling, "Snow, snow!" Eventually I am able to locate them all when I realize I don't have enough! What to do? So I frantically search the house for white fluffy wool like material. I find some batting and get back to gluing. At last it is finished and looking a bit wonky, but it's too late to start over. Note to self: Just use Batting to begin with, it's easier and faster then cotton balls. Anyway, so we arrive and Lizzy is the only one with a costume. Oh well. So much for my frantic morning. We made masks and danced around and then h…


A lot has occurred in a short time, as often is the case with children. I am excited to announce that Charles is now mobile. He can crawl and even climb up our one step with out too much difficulty. This of course means I need to locate the safety gate and put it up. In addition he has gained a tooth on top. I can feel a second one coming in too.  Soon he will be able to chew anything. My fingers may be safe! It is amazing how so much can happen in such a short time. The day before Charles tooth emerged, Daniel had a dream that Charles had a new tooth. Isn't life funny?

From 2011-07-10 Palmyra

Royal Pains!

I have bad teeth. I have come to this realization. For no amount of brushing and flossing seems to keep the cavities away. Regardless what the dentist says. So I was not overly surprised when at my last appointment I was told of yet another cavity. Unfortunately upon peering at my x-ray of teeth, resembling more an old patch-work quilt then teeth, it was apparent that there was less tooth then should be possible and a crown was in order. Wow, I get a crown! Yea. Little did I know what lay ahead. I made an appointment and left in blissful ignorance...
 Cue next visit. Start the soothing music. And Begin. So I arrive and wait for the office staff to finish their morning meeting before ushering me to The Chair. It was a hot day as are common in MO. and the hygienist had a fan basting in the room. Yea. Next she puts the lovely necklace of paper towel around my neck and asks if I had any questions. I answer no and she proceeds to tell me that this apt. will take 2 hrs. Lizzy was with a baby…