The "Rain Forest"

Pregnancy does crazy things to a person. For example it makes me do the things I wouldn't do normally, like hiking in a rain forest. I have wanted to visit the Hoh Rain forest for several years now and never got around to it. Daniel and I decided it was time. We arraigned to meet up with my sister in the camp ground and since Lizzy was so upset about missing 2 days of summer reading camp, we left after her school got out on Thursday and headed up. From our house it took about 4 hrs along the coast to drive up. It was a beautiful day and the scenes were beautiful. I must admit I was excited when we first glimpsed the Pacific Ocean through the trees! It was amazing. We met up with Jessica and set about making dinner and setting up camp.
The kids played statues.

The next day we went on our hike. The rangers were very accommodating and showed us the best path to see the rain forest. It was beautiful, but I do admit to being a little disappointed that it didn't even sprinkle. Whe…