Monday, April 30, 2018

Dance Devon, Dance!

Devon was able to preform at our local mall on March 24th. He loves dancing and is quite good.

Afterwards we had some fun.

Hanging with the boys.

Friday, April 13, 2018


This year Junon chose to be baptized on Easter Sunday. Luckily my parents were able to drive up for it. Since it was Dad's birthday we just had to celebrate! He had his first Pinata, but unfortunately, Charles blew out his candles and got the winning string in the pinata pull. Poor Papa.

The Baptism was nice. Junon asked me to give a talk about the Holy Ghost so I made here a lap blanket to go along with it. 

 Henry had a shark attack during general conference.

Taylor led the egg decorating.

Rex is a good model

 This is my best shot of Junon with her blanket.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I've Seen the Light

Lizzy had the chance to construct a light using household items for her school project. She had fun coming up with the concept.

Devon is holding the plans.

Here's a video of her and Charles' projects. Charles made a leprechaun trap,

Friday, March 2, 2018

Green Eggs and Ham

Every year the first graders at Felida Elementary participate in a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. I enjoy going to these. It is so fun. Each child receives a hat and bracelet.

 Then we get our green eggs and ham.
 Here's Charles' teacher Mrs. Heibert

 Mrs. Jinati, our principle and the Cat in the hat give out some gifts while we eat.
Then we go to the classroom to read together. I didn't realize how many kids in his class were friends from church (4). It's funny that we never connected before. 

They prepared a little dance which was so cute, i can't get the viedo of Charles to load so here's the first one of a few of the kids so you get the idea:

Charles knew the dance better then they did. It was a fun morning and I am so grateful to my friend for watching the other three so I could go. Even the assistant principle was shocked that I was on my own. I'm usually there with the caravan, Ha! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Gotta Dance

Devon has been attending a dance class for a few months now, He really enjoys learning the steps and moving. Just ask him to get into first position!  The class focuses on ballet basics and movement. They had their first performance last month at a local high school. It was fun to see his hard work. He was so excited to see Daniel and Charles in the audience, he kept going over to that side of the stage and yelling Hi to them. He's the one in the yellowish green shirt.

The whole cast:

This is his dance class.

Monday, January 15, 2018


   You may be asking if it was really necessary to make 4 posts before we even get to Christmas, and the answer is, Yes, Absolutely! (also, don't ask such silly questions, gees) So here we are at last. Our white Christmas. Yes, we did get some snow. I love that the kids got to play in it.

Showing me their Christmas crackers and stocking loot.

Jaron made a wonderful treasure hunt for the kids. They had so much fun finding and deciphering the clues.

Stephen came by for a visit.

The Blacks shared a song for their family talent. The video is terrible, but I was fighting off kids.

Poor Clinton and Janet didn't get any sleep. Cara was too excited for Christmas.

Each daughter received a fairy. They loved playing with them.

The next day we (The Kiddos, Joseph, Heather and I) drove to Limon. I tried to find the same place we stayed at on the trip down, but must have taken a different exit. We found a Rodeway Inn that was a little on the rundown side, but clean and comfortable. The best part was it was in walking distance to a Pizza Hut. So we had a grand dinner. 

The next day we made it to Idaho Falls. Heather's sister was kind enough to let us stay the night in one of the empty apartments that they manage. That was nice. We left early the next morning to head home. We stopped for lunch at my favorite spot in Baker City, OR. Sumpter Junction! The kids love watching the trains.

   This last leg was the most perilous. As soon as we hit the Dalles, the rain started in earnest. It was dark and cars were hydroplaning all over the place. I saw 3 crashes. It was an intense few hours, but we made it home in one piece by 7 pm. It was wonderful to get home and see Daniel. 

Dance Devon, Dance!

Devon was able to preform at our local mall on March 24th. He loves dancing and is quite good. Afterwards we had some fun. ...