Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Newest Essay

My latest essay is about something that I believe. We read/listened to a few on http://thisibelieve.org After a few hours of thinking about it I finally came up with an idea. Maybe because I was tired at the time... Any way, here it is:
Napping is Amazing
            I believe in the power of naps. When I was a child I would fight the urge to close my eyes, knowing that I would miss out on some great adventure. The inevitable nap was like time travel, I’d wake to find myself in a new place hours after I had given in to the magnetic pull of exhaustion. How I ended up in my bed after falling asleep in the kitchen was a complete mystery.
            When I became a youth, naps became more of a survival technique. I am by nature a night owl, so getting up early was particularly difficult for me. Naps became my partner in keeping me alert and involved in my many academic pursuits. Some benefits of napping have been stated by the National Sleep Foundation, “Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. Naps can increase alertness in the period directly following the nap and may extend alertness a few hours later in the day. Napping has psychological benefits. A nap can be a pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation. It can provide an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation.”1 I love the thought that a mini-vacation is within my reach with twenty minutes of Zzzzzs.
            As a mother I have found naps to be a saving grace for my rambunctious children. When I notice that tell tale look in their eyes, and the increased sensitivity in their reactions, I know it is time for a nap. I can give them a little leeway for their sudden stubbornness or grumpiness, because I understand how functioning on too little sleep can have disastrous effects. As I put them down for their much needed slumber, I breathe a sigh of relief and realize that now I can accomplish something around the house without constant interruptions. That is a marvelous benefit of the power of naps. Sometimes my children awake refreshed and raring to go, at other times they need to cuddle until fully awake. I love that part.
             In short, I believe that naps have the unique ability to change people for the better. Whether it is through making someone feel better, or helping you see the world a little clearer, naps have a power all on their own and I, for one, am glad for it.


1 National Sleep Foundation sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/napping/page/01

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