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18 Months And Still Kicking!

From 2012-05-04 fun
Charles is officially 18 months now. He can go to nursery! Hooray! Being 18 months does come with a few consequences, IE a wellness check-up. Let me take you on our trip to the Doctor.... Recently I began a long term babysitting gig. I have a nearly 3 year old for 2 days a week. Usually we have a great time. I had thought that Charles check-up was on Wednesday when I don't babysit. Alas I was wrong. So I thought OK I'll just take her with me since trying to find a babysitter in this area is nigh impossible. What can go wrong? My two usually do fine. So I told her before we left where we were going and why and that started her whimpering ever so slightly.  "Well, it will be quick" I try to console myself and her. Half way to the clinic her whimpers have escalated to a repeated statement of failed self comfort, "Mommy will be here." I tried to reassure her that Yes, she will see her Mother soon when Lizzy pipes up, as ever oblivious to the…

Simple Simon give a way

I love reading this blog: Simple Simon and Co. They are two creative ladies who have awesome advice and inspiration for sewers and crafters. Also they have awesome giveaways. Like today! Check out their blog and you may win a  $150 Target gift card! Good Luck!

The Family

I have had growing families on the brain recently. My Brother and his lovely wife are expecting their first child. My sister-in-law recently had her 6th child, and Daniel and I are now expecting our 3rd. I just sent my brother a manual entitled:Family Guidebook, put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The book is free and is described as follows: "This guidebook is for all members, especially new members and those who have limited experience in the Church. It outlines the purpose and organization of the family and contains information on how to teach the gospel in the family, how to fulfill family responsibilities, how the family can be a Church unit, and how to perform priesthood ordinances and blessings." I found this resource last year after a heated debate raged though our ward. The debate was over what was an appropriate way to teach your children about, specifically, moral issues and sexuality. Being a relatively new parent and not having to deal w…