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Here's my two most recent write ups. The first is a critical thinking piece and the second is a persuasive essay.

Do Questions Lead to Truth?             In the course of learning Spanish, I had many questions and doubts about my ability to adequately speak a foreign language. I even began to question my instructor’s ability to teach me appropriately. This was a frustrating and disappointing time for me. I felt that I had a predisposition for the language, coming from a duel language home where Spanish words were frequently used, but not consistently. I felt that it was in my blood and so I should naturally pick it up without difficulty. I was mistaken. I realized that learning for oneself is a bumpy road of self discovery and soul searching. As human beings we naturally question that which is unfamiliar and seek for understanding. Having doubts is a natural part of gaining a testimony.             In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, many might see having doubts as a …