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The Festivities Continue!

I forgot to post Lizzy's decorations for Thanksgiving. I thought that they were wonderful, She did the scarecrow at school, but the others she just made up here. 
So Daniel's work party was on a steam boat down the Columbia River. It was a fun tour and we danced on the top level. Dinner was nice, but the service was slow. We got our bread after they served dessert. But it was a nice change and I liked the trip. 

Devon Loved blowing out the candles on his cake, he wanted them relit so he could blow them out again. He loved the truck Grampa Bartholomew made.

It's strange having a 2 year old and a 4 year old. it's our even year I guess. We all had even birthdays. This next baby will be the odd one out. This is a bit random, but here is Charles having a tea party with his toys:

It was just so cute.
Then we went to Christmas at the Fort. I love going, the kids played some period games. Jacks, ring toss, Tops and Jacob's ladder.

Here they are waiting to make a top.


Take a Break

I thought it would be fun to visit my family in Ut for spring break. Since Daniel had to work, my mom graciously came to help me drive down and back. I don't think I could have made it otherwise! We set off and this is how Mom's week went:

She is a champion Devon Chaser! He is extremely fast and turns on a dime, so having one adult on his tail was essential.
We started our adventure by going to the Aquarium and it was so fun seeing all the animals. They had a wide variety of creatures both aquatic and land. There was a rope bridge that the kids really liked.

Then we played on some Dinosaur bones at the Mall.

Visited Sal and Caitlin.

We drove passed his work which was fun.
Tried some delicious food at Culvers.

And visited some animals on the Farm.

Where the kids got to ride horses!

"Look Mom, no hands!"

 I had a good time there except for some kids ruffing up Devon. I kind of flipped out at that point. He was in a tunnel and these two older boys were hitting his head …