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Where Was I? Oh Yes..

So There I was reminiscing about all the things we have done since we moved to Vancouver and I realized, there is so much I haven't shared with you! Alas that can not be! In other words, get comfortable, this may take a while... To begin: here is a video of our version of soccer.
From 2012-03-04 Play ball!Isn't it hilarious? Then Lizzy has been asking for an umbrella for months now, but at $10 to $20 a pop there was no way I was going to get her one. That was until I found them on Oriental Trading Company where for $15 I got 6. Hmm I can handle that! Lizzy was excited to decorate her umbrella.
From 2012-03-04 umbrellaFrom 2012-03-04 umbrellaI think it turned out quite cute. Then we went to the library and this time I took pictures! Behold: This is only half of the area, but by this time a little girl had hit Lizzy and we were ready to go. We went to the park at the Vancouver Fort. It was crawling with school kids when we arrived, but they left soon after. We were ready to leav…

Charles the Man

This past month I have had some pretty amazing encounters with Charles. At 15 months he is well on his way of proving his manhood! For example: he found a shard of glass in his room so what does he do with it? He pops it in his mouth and chews on it until Grandma notices it and gets it removed. Very Manly. Then, when Dad wasn't looking he stole his tools and replaced them with his own toy tools. And finally to secure his independence he decided to quit nursing cold turkey. The last one was particularly hard for me. I was not prepared when he turned away mid-nurse and refused to continue. Oh well, we were weening anyway, he just decided to get it over with a little earlier then I. I am eagerly waiting the next manly development! Click on the video below to catch him in action.

From Leap Day PS: just yesterday Charles climbed up in a chair and when Daniel sat down in the other chair he nonchalantly said, I kid you not, "Hey Dad." To which Daniel replied, just as nonchalantl…