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Last Essay

Here is my final essay for my class. I chose to write about how Daniel and I got together. Actually, it was his idea for my essay. I said to him, "I have to write a personal narrative for at least 2 pages, what am I going to do?" He suggested writing about our 2 dates. "I'm sure that you can write 2 pages on that!" He was right.
Well I Never!             “Never say never!” was a common motto growing up.  I was fed on the stories of life going awry due to some uncalculated utterance that began, “I will never…” The more emphatic the declaration, the more certain the event will occur.  Like the time my mother said, “I will never raise my kids in Utah!” We consequently spent seven years in Happy Valley. Growing up with this knowledge should have forestalled me from any such mishap in my own life. Alas, I am a poor listener.             Over the years many small occurrences seemed to prove the point, but somehow those evidences did not prevent me from declaring with c…

Introducing Emily

So it finally happened! The day came and I was ready! I went to my pre-op appointment on Saturday and was informed that the hospital had a few new procedures, the biggest one was I had to bathe the night before the surgery and use this special soap they provided me, and use these special cleansing wipes on my belly. They were like those car wash shams only pre-soaped.  Then I had to use a fresh towel and put fresh pj's on and fresh sheets on the bed. Daniel also had to shower with the special soap. Then I had to do it all over again in the morning. I guess I looked filthy to the hospital staff.
  Showers completed, we headed off to our appointment with destiny! Everything was going smoothly, since it was the awful hour of 5 AM parking was amazing. We got in right away, the only down side was passing every fountain, each one gleaming and mocking my thirst. Yet I remained strong! So we got to the room and we began the totally exciting game of... Waiting for the Doctor! I don't r…