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Fall News

So I have been procrastinating so you know what that means....Massive Download. Get comfortable.... Here it comes....
 First, we went up to Bremerton for the Women's conference. It was fun having a girls night with my Mom and Sister. Papa and Daniel watched the kiddos for us. We had a pumpkin curry soup that was amazing! I need to get the recipe. Somehow I had forgotten that the General Relief Society presidency had been changed so when Sister Linda Burton came up to talk I turned to Mom and said, "she looks different." Duh. Oh well. I loved the conference. Maybe it's because I am pregnant now, but there were an awful lot of talks both in this conference and in General Conference That mentioned losing children. I kept getting teary eyed. I know several families that have gone through that trial and my heart goes out to them.
 Since we were up for the weekend we went to the library's super hero party and checked out the Bug Museum. It was nice.

Next we have a fun …