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Lost at the Faire

For Daniel's birthday we went to The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire at Wentzville. In preparation for this event I had made Lizzy a gown to wear and then started on my own gown. I wanted to make an Irish style over dress. I had made one for my sister a few years back and had wanted to make one for myself since then. So I pulled out the patterns and got to work. All was going well, Lizzy was even participating. She would perch on my lap and pull out the pins when I told her to and put them in the tomato. As I finished the top and pinned it to the bottom, a problem presented itself. They didn't match. The bottom was about 3 inches too short on either side. Oops. I didn't have enough remaining material to correct the issue. So I went online to find a solution. I did find one. Use a different material as an addition, this might seem like a Duh moment to you, but I wanted my outfit to be as traditional as possible so until I found similar dresses I was not about to make a …

A day in the life

So I have an awesome daughter and just to prove it I am blogging about her. Oh and I have pictures! On Tuesday the school district had a vehicle fair. There were a lot of neat cars and emergency vehicles. A book mobile and a few other interesting vehicles. We got to sit in them and learn about them. Pretty neat until the barrage of honking horns scared the living daylights out of Lizzy. Oh well. To make up for it we hiked through the foot high grass to a park that seemingly no one ever plays at except us. This park is just poorly planed in my opinion. There is a huge expanse of rolling grass. A real airplane you can't touch and then way out in the back is a little play area. No trash cans or bathrooms in sight. About ten feet away are the swings. Yes, defiantly made for toddlers. Alas. Upside? No waiting to take a turn on the slide! After wards we went to the Whistle Stop, a cute little restaurant and train museum. Lizzy loves it. Then after all of this we went to the dentist. Li…

Flower's festival

Florissant has very few festivals and this one last all week. For all the hype I must say we were a little disappointed, but it was a fun day and there was a Mexican bakery there with the best empanadas ever! We saw a ventriloquist and magic shows as well as an old time medicine show. It was great.

Cinco de uh oh..

As a proud decedent of Mexican heritage, there are few holidays I like better then Cinco De Mayo. It is a day of fun and usually family. This fifth of May proved to be the exception to the rule. Daniel was called in to work at 3 AM.
"Great, just means he will get off early so he can spend time with his family." I thought as I went back to sleep. The Blacks, Tina and little Anne were coming down for the day. They came by around 1:30 and we went off to the magic house for some great fun. On the way I get the call from Daniel:
"So that problem they called me in for this morning? Yeah, um we are just starting to work on it. I won't be home till after 7." Great. So much for my plans of Hispanic revelry. Oh well. The magic house was great fun as always. After a few hours we headed back home and since the family had to get back to Columbia, it was just Lizzy and I for dinner on my third favorite holiday of the year. Well I'm going to celebrate dang it! So I chan…