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Where Magic Lives

So on Fridays this month the Magic House was free. I happened to have a baby shower I was going to this last Friday and I thought it would be a great opportunity for a Daddy Daughter date. So while Charles and I went to the shower (which was great fun!) Daniel and Lizzy went to play. They had a lot of fun too and here they are showing off their crazy hat.

The Magic House was celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. A few weeks ago LINK had a field trip to the Magic House. I invited Margaux and her son to come with us. We had lots of fun, I especially liked the new water works valve contraption on the wall. I felt quite powerful as I directed the flow of colored water. Buhahhahaha!!! Cough, cough. Ahem... Any way... It was a fun trip. We ended with a story about the Chinese New Year and then games on that theme. Lizzy got to try all different kinds of chopsticks to put things into a box.

Working out

Here are some pictures of Charles doing his tummy time. I think he is doing great. Keep that head up!

Roll over, roll over...

On the 10th of February Charles rolled over. Fearing this was a fluke, but hoping it was not, I have been keeping the camera at bay. Then on the 21st he did it again! This time, just as I left the room. So I grab the camera and try to get him to roll again. Finally he tires of being filmed and gives up for the day. Fine, I understand. Then yesterday when I put him down, camera at the ready, he rolls almost immediately. Yes sir we have a winner!  Click on the picture to view:

From 2011-02-22 roll over!

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

As we had finally had the mercury rise to a balmy 65 degrees last week I decided to tempt fate and go to the zoo on Saturday. I really enjoy the St. Louis Zoo and if you get there by 9 am the children's zoo is free. So filled with enthusiasm I awoke to a not so balmy, cloudy, 40 degree day. Alas, no paltry cloud cover will deter my determination! And with that away we went. We found a superb parking spot and exited the vehicle. No more then 4 steps later Lizzy's nose is bright red and I comment on how cold it is. We stop and deliberate, continue on our quest for animal visitation or abscond to the enclosed, and therefore warmer, science center. After a few moments we ask Lizzy which she would rather and not surprisingly the zoo won out. Away we go again. As we got down into the children's zoo a light sprinkling of rain begins to fall and I fear our trip may be cut short. But just then I witness two Cardinals fly by and as I marvel at their beauty, so alien to my world, I …

Posting 101

So some time ago I realized that I had reached my 100th post. How crazy is that? When I started this blog a little over 2 years ago I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing it or how therapeutic sharing can be (even if no one else reads it). I can say that having this place as an outlet has been a wonderful thing and I am glad that I kept up with it. So here's to another 100 posts!