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Travel and tell

So we have been vacationing for a while now. My sister Tabitha went through the temple in Utah on the 27th of March so Daniel, Lizzy and I went out to support and go through with her. Well, Lizzy didn't of course, but Daniel and I did. We got to stay with Normarae and Alan Johnson, Daniel's Aunt and Uncle. It was nice getting to know them and also seeing Tabitha. My Grandma came down as well as my Aunt and Uncle.
During the course of our stay Lizzy got to see all three Great Grandmas. How crazy is that? We also had a bout of illness. Daniel and Lizzy both threw up. I took Lizzy to a doctor and found out that she had ear infections in both ears! Poor thing. This delayed our trip up north. Daniel flew home and Lizzy and I went to stay with my Aunt in West Valley. We finally were able to travel back to Washington with my parents on Easter Sunday. We listened to conference on the radio until we hit Boise. Then the signal died.
We stopped in Baker City Or. for the night. I love Bak…