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My parents we able to spend a few days with us this week. I love having them visit. We had such a good time. We checked out Vancouver Lake Park They had a strange kind of teeter-totter there:
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver Charles didn't like it much. Then we went to the Fort! I had wanted to go there for some time and we went on a rainy day. There was a school tour going on so we got to see and hear quite a bit. Lizzy held our Map.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver The blacksmith knew quite a bit about the history, it was fun talking to him.
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver Then we went to the general store. Can you guess what is in those tied bags hanging from the ceiling?
From 2012-04-03 Fort Vancouver It is Tobacco. Everything was valued by beaver pelts. As in, 14 salmon to 1 beaver pelt. Next we ventured in the kitchen when Mom was asked to wash the dishes. Little did we know how many other things were included in that chore! Mom respectfully declined. The cook tantalized us with …

Added cuteness

My kids are adorable. No, no I mean it. Just take a look:
 Too cute oui? Lizzy fell asleep under her umbrella and Charles loves to play with Daddy's safety glasses. Moments like this make me glad that I am a Mom.
From 2012-04-05 Steampunk Dress A little while ago I entered the giveaway on Simple Simon and Co.'s blog. It was for a child dress form from Mannequin Hub. And to my astonishment I won! I could think of no better way to show off my new toy then to introduce my Steam punk outfits for Lizzy and Charles. I decided to make Lizzy''s dress based on a few tutorials I found on pinterest a while back. The basis for the dress was made by wonderful Lady named Cami. Check out her blog to see the original. I tweaked it a bit by making the skirt separate to add more volume
From 2012-03-30 Steampunk costumes and then I used these t-shirt flowers from Shannon's blog to embellish the neckline.
From 2012-04-05 Steampunk Dress  I loved how it turned out. The only drawback is that the skirt is quite heavy, but Lizzy wore it all day, so I'd say that it is a success! Here's the back view:
From 2012-04-05 Steampunk Dress Here is a lovey little lady:
From 2012-03-30 Steampunk costumes A…

Stephen's Wedding

As per our usual we went on a whirlwind ride down to UT for my Brother-in-laws Wedding. We left on Wednesday night after dining with the missionaries. We drove three hours to Pendleton, OR. Stayed the night and woke up Thursday Morning to this:
From 2012-03-25 Stephen's wedding Nice huh? Luckily the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. We headed south and soon found ourselves in Idaho. Great! Only a scant 7 hours to go right? Not when Lizzy realizes that needing a potty break means free time out of the car. Yes, folks, she pulled this one out at least every half hour down to at some intervals of 10 minutes! Finally we refused to give her any liquid refreshment whatsoever, regardless of the pleas of "I'm Thirsty..." and told her that there would be no more bathroom breaks until we reach Uncle Sal's! After that announcement we finally made some head way. It was after 7 when we finally arrived in American Fork. Caitlin made her famous Mac and Cheese and t…