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Acceptance and Adaptation

My morning musings have brought me to this thought: Adaptation is a cursed blessing. The humanbody is amazing. It can adapt to almost anything. That is crucial to our survival. We can adapt to tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods. Recently a sun-loving transplant to our fair state reported that she liked the rain! We can adapt to temperature, climate and external forces of any kind. While people in Florida may put a parka on at 40 degrees, people in Minnesota break out their shorts. It only takes a few years and we can adapt to virtually anything.

Yet, their is a danger in this skill. When we adapt we become comfortable in our new situation. We accept this as the "new normal" and move on. Even the most dire of circumstances can lead to complacency. Already in our country mass killings have become almost common place. But I do not wish to dwell on that subject, rather my point is that adaption is wonderful for helping us cope with new things, however it can lead to a complace…