Tuesday, November 3, 2015


A few weeks ago Lizzy decided to pick and outfit for Emily that matched her own. They were so cute together that I had to share.

It's just pure luck that they had matching outfits. I had the baby one from when Lizzy was a baby and Lizzy's dress was a hand me down from her cousins. Serendipitous indeed.

This is Halloween!

So Halloween was a little overshadowed this month because we had stake conference on the same weekend. I felt like I had way too much to do. Anyway, the costumes were pretty easy all told. I only had to make Charles Prince Charming costume and Lizzy wore her Elsa costume from a friend's birthday party a few months back. I was going to put Devon in a Darth Vader outfit I got from Jessica, but at the last minute couldn't find it! Mommy Fail! He was content wearing Charles' knight costume instead. They had fun trick or treating our street with the neighbors. It's become a bit of a tradition now. We always seem to go out at the same time. It makes it fun.  Unfortunately it was poring rain so we didn't go for long. After coming home, we watched The 'Burbs, which in my opinion is a classic Halloween movie that doesn't get the attention it deserves.


Now What?

School is over! Yay, we even had some sunshine so I put the sprinkler on and let the kids play. Little did I know how disastrous this would ...