Monday, November 14, 2016

Pumpkin Magic

Our Halloween was very low key. Our ward decided not to do anything. Major Bummer!!! But I digress... So this year Lizzy wanted to be Penny from the Rosterteeth show RWBY. I was excited to try my own take on it. As a whole it's a pretty modest costume but it needed a few tweaks. Here's a reference picture:
  Image result for penny rwby
So I made it my way. Behold!

Its hard to see the green in the skirt until she moves.

I like how it turned out. The boys both wanted a costume from Costco so that was easy.

Daniel and I went to a halloween party where, believe it or not, there were 3 Bob Rosses!
There were 2 John Smiths and Pocahontas, 2 steampunk couples, 2 Egyptians and 3 50's bombshells! If was so odd. Out of about 40 people I expected more variety.
I helped out at both Charles' and Lizzy's harvest parties.(They can't say Halloween) It was fun. Unfortunately I wasn't supposed to bring the kids to Lizzy's. oops! We had a great time anyway. Mr. Lindberg is very nice and accommodating.
Here's the cookie Lizzy frosted.

I hope your Halloween was magical!

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