Monday, September 10, 2012

Being Cheesey

So on Labor day we decided to jaunt down to Tillimook Or. to visit the famous Cheese Factory. I have wanted to go for some time and the day was perfect. It was about 2 hrs out there and we got there at a great time because as we were leaving a huge rush came in. Here's the kids behaving like pigs:
From 2012-09-03 Tillimook
Here they are getting in the act:
From 2012-09-03 Tillimook
Farmer Charles and old Lizzy bell. I had been on the tour at Dairy Gold a few times before, I liked this one better, even though the floor was closed for the holiday. There were interactive kiosks and we did see some cheese packaged for aging. The ice cream was great and the cheese samples superb. We had lunch at their cafe and the cheese sandwiches were ok. We all had a fun time though. Next time I hope to do a little more exploring in the town.

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  1. It's only 2 hours away?! Why did I think it was much farther? You guys are cool parents, all these things you go out and do and on the fly.


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