Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy woes

I wish to take this moment to complain... feel free to move on if you like. I understand.  Recently I have been contemplating the many joys and pains of being with child. This is difficult having other children to cater to as well. Some how they just don't understand that because I am working on adding to our family I can no longer be treated as a trampoline or jumping off point for their various activities.
"Hello..I have a condition! Don't jump on the baby!" This seems to fall on deaf ears. Or perhaps their ears are running away too quickly to function properly. Alas. But Paramount in my discomfiture is the annoying habit my body has taken up in recent months. Some how my brain decided to give the reigns to my bladder. I did not agree to that! I'm fairly certain the memo was deliberately misplaced. In any event let me illustrate my irritation...
 Picture this... Its night, late, the children outside have finally gone to bed. I have found the most comfortable position in which to rest my weary body when suddenly something wakes me. I look around blearily and realize that everything is kosher and begin to settle back down for the night when my Bladder decides it needs immediate attention! "I must be emptied! NOW!"
"No way It's 3:47 AM. I'm going back to sleep."  I try to resist the urge, but the brain sides firmly with the bladder and I must acquiesce. Alas. But I know that it will only be a temporary state and the rewards are far outreaching the current discomfort. So that's something.

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