Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back in Wonderland

This last Wednesday I took the kiddos back to the Botanical gardens. They are free on Wed. and Sat. before noon. This time we tried out the children's garden. It was so fun. I found a new plant I like called an urn plant.
From Mo Bot Garden

 The children's garden has a water park that Lizzy loved. There is a pollination play area too.  Lizzy tried to climb up the tree house, but got scared. It was quite high. A nice girl helped her down. We spent another 3 hours there and I still haven't seen much more then the first time. I need to go back and see the Japanese garden sometime. Lizzy picked up a cactus and got a needle in her finger. I had to enlist the help of another patron to hold her down so I could remove it. Poor thing, she was hurting. Then as we were walking out a lady stepped in front of her and Lizzy said, "Hey, excuse you!" I am glad the lady didn't hear her, but it was funny. 

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