Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royal Pains!

I have bad teeth. I have come to this realization. For no amount of brushing and flossing seems to keep the cavities away. Regardless what the dentist says. So I was not overly surprised when at my last appointment I was told of yet another cavity. Unfortunately upon peering at my x-ray of teeth, resembling more an old patch-work quilt then teeth, it was apparent that there was less tooth then should be possible and a crown was in order. Wow, I get a crown! Yea. Little did I know what lay ahead. I made an appointment and left in blissful ignorance...
 Cue next visit. Start the soothing music. And Begin. So I arrive and wait for the office staff to finish their morning meeting before ushering me to The Chair. It was a hot day as are common in MO. and the hygienist had a fan basting in the room. Yea. Next she puts the lovely necklace of paper towel around my neck and asks if I had any questions. I answer no and she proceeds to tell me that this apt. will take 2 hrs. Lizzy was with a babysitter, but I had Charles with me. Ugh. luckily the ladies at the front desk kept him occupied when he had had enough of his car seat.
 We made a mold of my teeth and then the drilling commenced. They had to destroy what was left of my tooth in order to crown it. That was sad. Then she fitted a temporary in place and sent me on my way. I was to return in a week when my permanent crown would come in. I collected my  by now sleeping son and raced to pick up Lizzy. My mouth was quite sore.
 Next visit... now the real fun begins. This time I had the foresight to leave both kiddos with a babysitter. Silly Mom. After a few pleasantries, I again meet the Chair and get the necklace. We begin. I typically need more Novocaine then most patients and so it takes a long time for any of my dental work. Dentists are generally disbelieving of me when I tell them at the beginning that I need a booster shot. Even when it says so in my chart. Anyway, so I get the first shot and they drill and it HURTS and then they give me a booster. So this takes twice as long as normal. Yea.  This time was no exception. So I get topical applied to my crown and then the hygienist pops off my temp crown and proceeds to cram the new permanent one in it's place. Ouch! Then began the long process of putting it in, wiggling it a bit and pulling it out and polishing, rinse and repeat. Then we had to stop because all the movement had got my gums bleeding and they had to calm down before we could proceed.
 I wish I could have read a book or something. Alas. Once that ordeal was over we took and x-ray and then then it was time to attach the crown. So I got cement the the crown and then the fun really kicked into high gear! She proceeded to floss off the remaining cement from the surrounding teeth, but could not. So, like anyone facing a problem, she did it again and again. Mostly just causing my gums to bleed and breaking the floss. "Wow, this cement loves your teeth." She says. Then she  breaks out the saw.  This instrument rather looks like a miniature logging device. She proceeds to saw off the cement, along with my lips. I was beginning to fear my gums might just walk off the job in protest. I couldn't blame them, if anything this was cause for a mutiny. Finally the task was completed, and I could relax for a moment. She alerted the Dentist and then applied topical to my mouth because NOT only do I have a crown, but of course an other cavity as well. So then the dentist came in and checks the crown. Looks good. She tests the area for numbness and unfortunately, the Hygienist had numbed the wrong area. So take two. This time I get the shot and the filling is put in without further complication. Finally I am allowed to get up. I was never so glad to leave a place in my life! So much for the royal life. You can have it!

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