Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arr you ready to Party?

From 2011-06-11 Lizzy's pirate birthday

 Lizzy was ready for a pirate party! We were at Sioux Passage Park. Nearly every table was already reserved, but we found a few near the playground and set up. Daniel was quite annoyed with me since I hadn't reserved the pavilion, but I knew it would be fine. All of the kids got a sword and eye patch and I set up the bubble machine and let them go. It was so fun watching their antics.  Daniel helped me with the cake. He did the icing. I think it looked great, but it tasted better! We had a treasure hunt which Lizzy ruined by making a beeline for the treasure chest, so everyone just raced after her and they were so excited to see the gold!  Then we had lunch of Hot dogs and fish! Gold fish and Swedish fish that is. What's more piratey then that? Lizzy loved her gifts and had such fun. I think we all had a good time (even Daniel). I had made clothes for us all, but Daniel didn't put his on so I took a picture of his at home later. Lizzy picked this outfit and I tried to adapt it: I really liked how Charles'outfit turned out.

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