Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where Magic Lives

So on Fridays this month the Magic House was free. I happened to have a baby shower I was going to this last Friday and I thought it would be a great opportunity for a Daddy Daughter date. So while Charles and I went to the shower (which was great fun!) Daniel and Lizzy went to play. They had a lot of fun too and here they are showing off their crazy hat.

The Magic House was celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. A few weeks ago LINK had a field trip to the Magic House. I invited Margaux and her son to come with us. We had lots of fun, I especially liked the new water works valve contraption on the wall. I felt quite powerful as I directed the flow of colored water. Buhahhahaha!!! Cough, cough. Ahem... Any way... It was a fun trip. We ended with a story about the Chinese New Year and then games on that theme. Lizzy got to try all different kinds of chopsticks to put things into a box. 

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