Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

 As we had finally had the mercury rise to a balmy 65 degrees last week I decided to tempt fate and go to the zoo on Saturday. I really enjoy the St. Louis Zoo and if you get there by 9 am the children's zoo is free. So filled with enthusiasm I awoke to a not so balmy, cloudy, 40 degree day. Alas, no paltry cloud cover will deter my determination! And with that away we went. We found a superb parking spot and exited the vehicle. No more then 4 steps later Lizzy's nose is bright red and I comment on how cold it is. We stop and deliberate, continue on our quest for animal visitation or abscond to the enclosed, and therefore warmer, science center. After a few moments we ask Lizzy which she would rather and not surprisingly the zoo won out. Away we go again. As we got down into the children's zoo a light sprinkling of rain begins to fall and I fear our trip may be cut short. But just then I witness two Cardinals fly by and as I marvel at their beauty, so alien to my world, I resolve to continue. As if in concert to my decision, the rain lets up and the sun shines down on our little party. We continue on as the day brightens. When at last we tired sufficiently to return home I am content.   Thank heaven for tender mercies. Below is a clip of Daniel talking to a chicken:

From 2011-02-19 zoo

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