Sunday, January 30, 2011

City Museum

I have wanted to go to the City Museum since we moved here. It is like a park for adults. The concept is urban art, using discards of the city and making something beautiful and functional and totally cool. The best part is you can climb and crawl through everything. There are secret passages and tunnels, caves and even a few stores and an aquarium! I knew it would be fun, but I had no Idea just how fun. So when my friend Amanda emailed me and asked if we would like to go I jumped at the chance. It was Awesome! I had Charles in the baby carrier and Daniel took Lizzy around and away we went! I don't think I can describe the experience, but if you ever are in St. Louis, you must check this place out! We were there for almost three hours and even though Lizzy and I were tired, I hated leaving. I can't wait to go back. Daniel joked that if we had a membership there I wouldn't need Zumba. He is so right. Too bad the membership is like $200. Ouch. Oh well. We had a blast.
This is a video of my friend Karina doing Zumba in the city museum:

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