Sunday, January 30, 2011

All dressed up and no where to go....

Last Sunday we were hoping to bless Charles, unfortunately the weather was uncooperative so we didn't get to. We decided to dress him up and take pictures anyway, which was good since he barely fit into the blessing suit Grandma Bartholomew made. It is gorgeous and we wanted to at least document the occasion even if he wasn't blessed yet. He looks so good! So this Sunday we were able to have Ron and Na dene and Joseph join us for the blessing. It was so sweet. We had the Bishopric and our home teachers stand in the circle along with Dad and Grandpa. I so wish my Dad could have been there too, but that didn't work out.
 The blessing was wonderful and when Daniel said that Charles was named for his ancestor and that he would be helping him through out his life from the other side, I couldn't help but cry. I have always felt particularly close to my great Grandfather Charles Henry Murphy even though he died before I was born. We named Charles in his honor and I am so pleased that he is willing to look out for his namesake. It was a beautiful day. I am so glad that we have the priesthood restored today. It brings me such comfort.

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