Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pumpkin Famine

Since the Great Pumpkin Famine of 2009, my diet has been sorely lacking of the glorious orange squash. I have often wandered the empty baking aisle of Schnuks in hopes of a can of pureed goodness. I have asked the workers over and over again, "When will there be more pumpkin?" to no avail. The most distressing part of this whole saga is the fact that the rest of the country was unaware of the Great Pumpkin Famine. Why in other states you could enter a shopping center and purchase canned pumpkin... of the say, July if you wanted. But no, I live next to the pumpkin capital of the USA: Illinois. So we are unjustly plagued by the lack of pumpkin, while no one else suffers. Is this fair, I ask you? But I digress. This week the Famine was called off. The pumpkin is back on the shelves, and more importantly, in my kitchen, I nearly bought out the store in my excitement. I went home and promptly made Pumpkin Cheesecake, which I sampled hot in my haste to consume the decadent dessert. Ahh sweet pumpkin! Nectar of the Gods I tell you! I went to bed with a burned tongue and a contented heart. What shall I make tomorrow? Hmmm.

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