Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Irish Festival

Last Saturday Lizzy and I donned our green and headed out to St. Charles for the Missouri River Irish Festival. I love being Irish! Strangely the Irish fest was held at the same time in the same vicinity as the Mosaic festival. I was a little confused. We finally found the right place and it was lots of fun. The vendors were not expecting people to show up for another 2 hrs even though the fest started at 10. So we were able to peruse at our leisure. Lizzy liked the dancers, but wanted to go on stage and show off her stuff too. I have to say that I am spoiled. I have been to many an Irish fest in the past, and this one was mediocre at best. But we had a good time. The best part was the Irish civil war reenactors. I love reenactors, they make history come to life. I learned about their division that was based here in St. Louis and about the Sanitation commission in St. Louis. They were amazing.
From 2010-09-18 Irish fest

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