Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diaper deals

So yesterday as I was getting everything laid out to change Lizzy suddenly she exclaims that she can not be changed until her cuddle bear is changed first. I agree to change her bear. Then she lays down for me and allows me to change her diaper. Success! So I think. Not two minutes later she tells me that her bear has "pooped" and needs a new diaper. OK, I think, not a problem. She removes the Bear's diaper and proceeds to crumple it and head to the trash. I stop her midway after asking what she was doing, her reply: "it stinky, go trash." Like duh. What were you thinking Mom. So I rescue the diaper and fold it back up and hand it to her as a "new" diaper for her bear. No way was that going to fly with Lizzy! It isn't clean! So I get a fresh diaper and put the used one back in the pile of diapers determined to put it on her as soon as she needs a change. So calm and order is restored for another three minutes when suddenly the bear has gone "poop" again! I'm thinking, "how can she tell? and what is she feeding that bear?" So the ritual is repeated once more. As you can probably guess this is now a thing with her. This morning she was shocked to discover her bear without a diaper and had to remedy the problem before anything else. Deep Breath. It's going to be a long day.
From 2010-09-02 diaper bear

Click to view. Isn't it glorious?

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