Monday, October 11, 2010


Lizzy has enjoyed having friends over that are her age. Nathan Purdy and Jared Carter have both come over recently. It's been fun.
From 2010-09-29 Lizzy and Jarod
Jared is allergic to wheat and I thought we were doing fine when I noticed that he was scratching at his neck. I hoped it was just irritation due to the rice and corn, but a little while later I could see hives forming. I quickly woke up Daniel and had him watch the kids while I ran to the store to get some benadryl. I consulted the Pharmacist on how much to administer to a 2 year old and then rushed home. I gave him half a dose and sent Daniel back to bed.(he was working nights) Not ten minutes later his Mom showed up. I think I was much more scared then she was. His hives were due to the Play dough we had used earlier. I had no idea there was flour in Play dough. Now I know.

Nathan and Lizzy "helped" me make Halloween cookies and decorate the house. They had fun, but didn't understand the whole concept of one cut out equals one cookie. I tried to get them out before they pressed more cookie cutters over and over again on a single spot. In the end I just let them play and then I cut out the cookies to bake. We made a fort too.
From fort
From fort

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