Thursday, July 23, 2015

Introducing Emily

So it finally happened! The day came and I was ready! I went to my pre-op appointment on Saturday and was informed that the hospital had a few new procedures, the biggest one was I had to bathe the night before the surgery and use this special soap they provided me, and use these special cleansing wipes on my belly. They were like those car wash shams only pre-soaped.  Then I had to use a fresh towel and put fresh pj's on and fresh sheets on the bed. Daniel also had to shower with the special soap. Then I had to do it all over again in the morning. I guess I looked filthy to the hospital staff.
  Showers completed, we headed off to our appointment with destiny! Everything was going smoothly, since it was the awful hour of 5 AM parking was amazing. We got in right away, the only down side was passing every fountain, each one gleaming and mocking my thirst. Yet I remained strong! So we got to the room and we began the totally exciting game of... Waiting for the Doctor! I don't really understand why we have to be there so early, it seems to me that the entire prep process takes about 30 minutes. The nurse fitted me with an IV after a failed attempt on one arm. Then surprise, surprise, I was washed by the antiseptic wipes again! After a little shaving, and a awful medicine I had to drink, I was ready. Daniel received his stellar paper jumpsuit, complete with head and feet covers. So styling!
  My Doctor,Robyn Lew, who I highly recommend, got stuck in traffic so we started a tad late. Daniel put his paper suit on and  went to a different waiting area. The nurse and I walked to the OR, my first time walking into an operating room. It was a little surreal, I got up on the table and prepared myself to, "Embrace my inner Shrimp." As the anesthetist called it. If you have never had an epidural or a spinal before than this won't make much sense. In order to put the needle in the right spot you have to hunch over while simultaneously pushing out your lower spine. Like a shrimp. I think that this is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, for me anyway. Hunching over a  full belly that fights back, while trying to push out your lower back, it's hard to do. Especially when they ask you to relax while doing it! But I digress. I was given the star shrimp award. Huzzah!
  After a successful spinal, I was laid on the table and then up went the screen and the real fun began in earnest. Daniel was finally let into the room. Here we are all ready to meet our new addition.

  The weird thing about a c-section is that you can still feel a little of what they are doing, just not the pain. So after a bit of pulling and tugging, I finally heard Emily's cries. Boy can she wail! I think that she'll fit right in with our crew. Here she is!
  Here she has a firm grip on Daddy.
  She was born at 8:08 AM and she weighed 7 lbs 7 oz. She was 19 1/2 inches long and just perfect!
I finally got to "hold" her. 
Here we are together.

  After a bit of sewing I was rolled into the recovery room for two hours and could finally have some ice chips! Later the whole crew came by to visit their new sibling. 

Here's Dr Lew with Little Emily.

   I love that my bed was called S-502 Stryker.If I ever write a sci-fi novel this will be the main character's spaceship!
 Here I am finally!

   Here is Grandma!

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