Friday, April 26, 2013


So I have had a relatively crazy few months, "why you ask?" Good I'll tell you. (Deep Breath) Well, since having Devon my body has been in revolt. I figured it was my thyroid rearing it's head again, so off I went to the doctor to have it checked. She did the usual questions and I mentioned that one of my symptoms was a near constant head ache. She decided to order full blood work and then if nothing turned up an MRI. So off I went to the lab. The following day I received the results. Everything is decidedly normal. OK, so why am I loosing all my hair and having dramatic weight changes? Classic Thyroid. So I opt to see the Endocrinologist. Well the Endocrinologist said it all looks fine, lets wait 6 weeks and see. Alright. Back to the MRI.  Apparently my prolactin levels were elevated. Normal if you are breast feeding.  So that was what warranted the MRI. My doctor was afraid that the gland was enlarges or has a growth. Yuck!
 I have never had one before and only seen them on television so I had no idea what to expect. It was rather like being at a rock concert. There was a constant bass line and then pulses and vibrations. Kind of like those massage chairs. Crazy. In the end here are my results:

No restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemia.

Ventricles are symmetric and normal in size. Extra-axial
spaces are normal in size and morphology for the patient's
age. No abnormal intra-axial or extra-axial fluid
collections seen. There is no midline shift or downward
herniation. The midline brain structures are unremarkable.
Pituitary gland is grossly normal. The basal cisterns are

I love that I am "grossly normal" I think that beats Daniel's doctor comment of being "Medically Boring."
So there is no answer except that yes, my body is in revolt. Huzzah.

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