Thursday, August 2, 2012

Visits and Adventures

We were pleased to have the Martins come visit us. We met up at the Lewis-McCord base to witness their annual air show. I left around 8 am and we arrived at the exit for the base around 10, but there was so much traffic it took us nearly 2 hours to exit. Ouch! We finally parked and followed the crowd to where the air show was taking place. It was quite the show! After a brief fainting spell, I went with the Martins through an airplane that was not, I repeat NOT designed for pregnant women. I thought they were going to have to call the fire department to get me out of there, but luckily I was able to squeeze through. Whew! Luckily for you my sister took a picture so you can witness my humiliation first hand. Hooray!
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 Tight squeeze indeed. Oh well I lived to tell the tale! We saw some amazing planes and wonderful aerial acrobatics. It was fun. Then on Sunday we went down to the Portland Temple for a tour. I knew the girls had never been to their new visitor center and I was excited to go on a tour of the grounds as well. It was nice. We had a beautiful day and the kids loved being there. I must say though I was disappointed in the tour. The sister Missionaries took us around and didn't really tell us much about the temple at all, but it was nice.
 Then on Monday we visited the Fort here in Vancouver. I always like going there, it's just fun. The gardens were looking beautiful and they had several volunteers helping out. One of the rangers let us try eating a chive blossom. It was very strong, but good. I don't think Taylor enjoyed it.
From 2012-07-28 Martin Visit

 Later I took them to our famous library downtown. It was a fun visit!

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