Un Locked

Since my cousin was getting married in Seattle I had some family come up for the event. We decided to get together at the Ballard Locks It was a beautiful day and I was excited to see everyone. We wandered around the gardens a bit then went over the locks themselves.
Here is Lizzy looking over the lock:
There was a seal eating the Salmon as they were trying to climb the fish ladder. Poor things. There were plenty of fish in the viewing area though. Here we are learning about the Salmon growth cycle. It was fun then we went up to play on the waves: Isn't she a doll! We decided to go to Pikes place for lunch, but after touring the parking for half and hour we abandoned the idea and Sal, Caitlin and our family went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a wonderful lunch. After that we drove home, but Sal and Caitlin went back to Gas works Park and met up with Grandma, Uncle Matt and Family. It was a nice day.


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