Monday, September 19, 2011

Lions Park

The Lions Club helped build a park on the waterfront in Bremerton in 1964. It has beautiful views of the mountains and a bout launch. Walking paths and ball fields. It is a lovely park, but it was in need of a few repairs and parking was an issue and so on. So, the city decided to update it. We went to the re-dedication and viewed the park  for ourselves. It is still a beautiful park, but not one I'd recommend for children. The play equipment was removed and replaced with stone Whales, which, while beautiful, get rather hot. And one slide, a zip line ans a sandpit with a water rock. Oh, and there is a boat. All nice and all, but the play area is covered in mulch. Lizzy had splinters all over her body after a few hours of play, She also was injured on one of the rocks. Like I said, beautiful park, but not kid friendly.

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