Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out and About

As Daniel is working nights now I find myself in the unique position of both having the car all day and needing to be out all day. Hmm, whats a girl to do? Well I have been dragging the kids to all the ST. Louis destinations I have wanted to visit and have thus far not seen. First we stopped off at the Jewel Box. Conveniently free on Mondays. It is a grand garden inside a Jewel boxed shaped green house. I did not expect the fountains in the middle though. It was quite beautiful, then we had lunch at the famous Crown Candy Kitchen. http://crowncandykitchen.net/ A St. Louis tradition since 1913. It is a fourth gen family run outfit that sells home made ice cream sundaes the same way they sold them at the 1904 worlds fair. The food was good and the ice cream HUGE. Then as we headed back home we past the Bellefontaine Cemetery. http://www.bellefontainecemetery.org/ Established in 1849 there are many notables buried here, including St. Louis’ notable residents such as William Clark, James Buchanan Eads, Susan Blow, and Adolphus Busch. I was intrigued by the sculptures of which there are many, and the beauty of the grounds. We didn't spend too much time there due to the lateness of the hour, but they are hosting an event in a few weeks and we will attend. It was a great day!
Another day we visited the Little Creek Nature area. We had to dodge a lot of 2nd. graders, but it was quite peaceful.
Another park we visited was the Sioux passage park, here in Florissant. It was quite large. Luckily Daniel got to go with us. I love the boat play area. We decided on doing a pirate birthday party for Lizzy this year and I want to reserve this pavilion for it.

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