Sunday, May 22, 2011

National Garden Day

On the 6th of May was National Garden day and in honor of that great occasion we went to the Missouri  Botanical Garden. I had been wanting to go for some time and this just seemed to perfect to pass up. I had no idea how large the garden actually is. It is divided up into smaller gardens each with some sort of water feature and a piece of Chihuly blown glass. I recognized his work right away and declared to Lizzy, "Look there's a Chihuly!" to which I got a few odd looks. I guess he is not so well known or maybe I just sounded odd. Who knows. Anyway, We had a wonderful time looking at all the plants and fountains. We had a lovely lunch at a tiny cafe in one of the gardens, but sadly we had to leave after 2 hours and there was so much more to see. We will have to go back. They had a lot of "tree houses" on display. Lizzy liked exploring in them. Henry Shaw, who started the garden and donated the land to the state, has a house still on the property that is a museum. His grave is also there. I liked our tour guide, she was funny and quite informative. It was a splendid day.

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