Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost at the Faire

For Daniel's birthday we went to The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire at Wentzville. In preparation for this event I had made Lizzy a gown to wear and then started on my own gown. I wanted to make an Irish style over dress. I had made one for my sister a few years back and had wanted to make one for myself since then. So I pulled out the patterns and got to work. All was going well, Lizzy was even participating. She would perch on my lap and pull out the pins when I told her to and put them in the tomato. As I finished the top and pinned it to the bottom, a problem presented itself. They didn't match. The bottom was about 3 inches too short on either side. Oops. I didn't have enough remaining material to correct the issue. So I went online to find a solution. I did find one. Use a different material as an addition, this might seem like a Duh moment to you, but I wanted my outfit to be as traditional as possible so until I found similar dresses I was not about to make a blunder like that.
So armed with new confidence off we went to the store for some material. Luckily there was a remnant of leather looking material on sale. It was more then sufficient for my needs so I purchased it while Daniel chased Lizzy around the store. Home again I proceed to finish my masterpiece. I was quite pleased with the out come. Then as I was now in the sewing frenzy I also made another top, this time with side lacing's instead of in front. I made it reversible which was fun. Anyway so now we were ready. Then Daniel tells me that the dress I had labored on was not becoming on me! What? Tomorrow is the faire and you don't like my outfit? So I pull out my skirt from our trips previous, and there is a rip in the side. So scrambling to finish I tear through my material boxes looking for the same material. Luckily I had kept some and proceeded to remake the top portion of my skirt. I succeeded sort of. I could wear it but don't any one look too close!

Any way, off to the faire. It was out in Wentzville which is about 45 min west of us. We took the long way there and Lizzy slept most of the way. It is in a big park and luckily had lots of shade. We saw a bird show and artisans and took in the sights. Due to the mud the joust was without horses which made it quite ridiculous, but it was a fun day overall. I'm glad we went. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my outfit. I hope to remedy that soon and then I'll let you judge which was better. Hee he.
From 2010-05-22 St Louis Ren Fest
From 2010-05-22 St Louis Ren Fest

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